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Ways to apologies

Use these expressions when you wanna apologies

  1. Excuse me
  2. Forgive me
  3. How stupid / careless of me
  4. I apologize (for…)
  5. I had that wrong
  6. I hope you can forgive me
  7. I owe you an apology
  8. I want to apologize
  9. I was wrong on that
  10. I’d like to apologize
  11. I’m really sorry
  12. I’m so/really very sorry
  13. I’m sorry
  14. My bad
  15. My fault
  16. My mistake
  17. Pardon (me)
  18. Please accept my apologies
  19. Please don’t be mad at me
  20. Sorry about that
  21. You can’t believe , how sorry I am

    Respond to an apology

  1. That's ok
  2. It doesn't matter
  3. No apology needed!
  4. Thease things happen
  5. Don't worry about that
  6. No problem
  7. I forgive you

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