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Ways to disagree with someone

You can use these statments to show or say that you disagree with something or someone's ideas...

  1. Actually, as a matter of fact, I think…..
  2. I agree up to a point, but….
  3. I beg to differ
  4. I cannot share this/the/that view
  5. I don’t agree with you
  6. I don’t feel the same
  7. I don’t think so
  8. I must take issue with you on that
  9. I take a different view
  10. I think otherwise
  11. I totally disagree
  12. I’d be inclined to disagree
  13. I’d say the exact opposite
  14. I’m afraid I disagree
  15. No way
  16. No, I’m not so sure about that
  17. Not necessarily
  18. Sorry, I’m not convinced
  19. That’s not always the case
  20. That’s not always true
  21. You’re out of your mind!

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