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Verbs followed by infinitives

We know that one single clause can take only one finite verb, but it can take a few other non-finite verbs working as other parts of speech, in other words, verbs as complements. The non-finite verbs are infinitives, gerunds, and participles. However, some finite verbs are always followed by the infinitives; some are always followed by the gerunds or present participles; others are followed by either gerunds or infinitives.

Verbs That Are Always Followed by the Infinitives:

The following list of verbs must be followed by an infinitive; not any other kinds of non-finite verbs.


Incorrect: You seemed being in a bad mood.

Correct: You seemed to be in a bad mood.

Incorrect: He offered helping me in this project.

Correct: He offered to help me in this project.

Incorrect: I did not hesitate giving her my number.

Correct: I did not hesitate to give her my number.

Incorrect: He demanded working with the president.

Correct: He demanded to work with the president.

Incorrect: John wishes staying in that hotel.

Correct: John wishes to stay in that hotel.

Incorrect: I refused talking with her.

Correct: I refused to talk with her.

Incorrect: I need going there.

Correct: I need to go there.

Incorrect: He wants leaving this town.

Correct: He wants to leave this town.

Incorrect: He forgot bringing the keys for me.

Correct: He forgot to bring the keys for me.

Incorrect: My father decided going to the pilgrimage.

Correct: My father decided to go to the pilgrimage.

Incorrect: He learned using the smartphone.

Correct: He learned to use the smartphone.

Incorrect: My cat often pretends sleeping.

Correct: My cat often pretends to sleep.

Incorrect: I failed reaching there on time.

Correct: I failed to reach there on time.

Incorrect: He claimed being the best batsman in the team.

Correct: He claimed to be the best batsman in the team.

Incorrect: He tends sleeping late.

Correct: He tends to sleep late.

Incorrect: I have prepared quitting the job.

Correct: I have prepared to quit the job.

Incorrect: He intends going to Alaska.

Correct: He intends to go to Alaska.

Incorrect: He expected starting the journey earlier.

Correct: He expected to start the journey earlier.

Incorrect: Alex attempted entering the cave but he failed.

Correct: Alex attempted to enter the cave but he failed.

Incorrect: Robert strived ruling all the seven kingdoms.

Correct: Robert strived to rule all the seven kingdoms.

Incorrect: He planned invading all of them.

Correct: He planned to invade all of them.

Incorrect: He hoped triumphing every war.

Correct: He hoped to triumph every war.

Incorrect: He desired winning the hearts of the people.

Correct: He desired to win the hearts of the people.

Incorrect: I agreed traveling with him.

Correct: I agreed to travel with him.

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