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There are some tips in this part that will help you to improve your speaking skill, Use them well.


Improve your listening skill with listening it self. It just take a few steps:


First listen to the audio file for several times and write it down for your self even if you dont understand all the parts, Then see the transcript, It helps you more.


Even if you know how to write something, take a look at the "writing part" and learn new tips and make your writing better. If you think that you learnd enough, Join our English chatroom and chat with others.


Even now that your reading this page it means that your reading is going to be better. But this not just all about it. "Reading part" has some tips that are useful and also has two extra part which are English booksand English stories. Find your favorite book or story and read it. Stories also have audio files, You can download them and enjoy reading!


This part has the most important grammar lessons. You just need to select the lesson that you wanna learn. Every lesson is with examples that helps you to understand it better.

English in use

This part is the best and most important part of the website. Common expressions and idioms for specific topics, English contractions,accronyms etc, Ways and tips that will help your speaking sounds more native, And a lot of English tips that you hardly ever can find them in anywhere else.

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Every page on ietweb.ir has this part (Right at the end of page). You can use it if you want to send any message,question or any suggestion to us.

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